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Watch this video to learn more about Cinemagraphs

Motion Images In Photoshop

Create art that catches attention

30+ In Depth Tutorials

Learn three different modules to take a still image and give it a second life,
covered extensively in 30+ Tutorials !

Nature Effects (No Price Tags)

15 HQ Nature Effects

Learn how to create stunning images with Fire, Particles, Smoke, Lightning, Snow,Fireworks, Stars, Fog, Rain, Bokeh, Lights, Fire Embers, all in motion!

Bonus Lesson

Learn my Signature Double Exposure Cinemagraph.
Take your regular Double Exposure Images and add spectacular motion to them.

🔸Become a Cinemagraph expert with three modules i.e.
Overlay, Keyframing and Masking Video

🔸Levitate someone or put hair in motion and  so much more with 
6+ Hours of Content

Benefits of Cinemagraphs

Grab Eyeballs

Motion in just one area of an image capivates the eyes of the viewer more than a still image.

Save Money

Cinemagraphs do not require you to get expensive plugins or apps, you create
natively within Photoshop.

Boost Engagement

Get more engagements on your social platforms as opposed to still images and regular videos.


Cinemagraphs can be exported as video as well as GIFs, which are lower in size and widely used in webistes like this one.


Make catchy cinemagraphs for your social media ads and garner more attention to your brand and products.

Works on PC & Mac

Cinemagraphs are not OS specific. They work with all devices and all OS like Windows or Mac.

Some More Brands That Use Cinemagraphs. . .


What Students Say

Siddhant is a terrific teacher very thorough. Just because of the nature of the subject there's a lot of information. Highly recommended if you're trying to learn Motion Images. I found the lessons extremely helpful! I would consider myself intermediate however there were a few tips and tricks he uncovered that blew my mind and will be saving me time in my creative process now.
In-depth. Paced well. Love the tiny chunks the class is broken into, thoughtfully chosen. I discovered ways to make my creative workflow a lot more efficient as well as tools/tips that I wasn't aware of. I'll be revisiting these lessons frequently until I've absorbed all the many, many tips and techniques laid out here. Highly recommended.
Drishya S.
I have been using Photoshop for years, but this course opened my eyes to a whole new world of motion images which dramatically increases the production value of my work. His instruction on how to add small elements that make a big difference will be key in creating stellar motion images called Cinemagraphs.

Real Support

This is not just another course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support.
Get all your queries answered by me personally. If you ever get stuck, 
just hit me up with a mail and I’ll be there to help you out !


Value For Money

6+ Hours of HQ Videos, 15 HQ Nature Effects, 27 Project Files & Bonus Lessons
 is all you need to master this skill and stand out from the crowd in the creative industry


Frequently Asked Questions

For anyone who wants to learn to add natural motion to still images using Photoshop.

Not really. This course has been designed in such a way that even a beginner who has never used Photoshop can take up the course as the initial lessons cover the basics of Adobe Photoshop which are easy to grasp.

No. You will create all the effects using Photoshop tools only, without any plugins.

No. This is an online course and hence all the content are digital. Product boxes are used just for demonstration and marketing purpose.

You will get lifetime access to this course.

You can always reach out to me via email or social media. I’ll be there to help you out and I answer all my mails personally.

I’ve put my heart and soul in creating this one of a kind course. I’m pretty sure if anyone thoroughly follows the lessons, you’ll become a cinemagraph expert in no time. So if you’ve completed 30-40% of the course and feel this isn’t the right fit for you then please write me a mail and I’ll issue a refund.